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If you have a dental emergency because you have broken a tooth in an accident or bitten into something too hard, we can help. Farber Center provides the best dental implants Long Island has to offer. We understand it is a traumatic experience to break or lose a tooth. Emergency dental implant clinic Long Island, NY.But if it happens to you, call or visit our Hauppauge or Medford NY dentist offices as soon as possible.  We will advise you of all options, including saving or repairing the tooth if possible. If not, an immediate dental implant may be the best option. Because we’re among Long Island’s best dental implant centers, our capabilities are extensive, and we can handle emergency cases.

We offer both titanium and ceramic dental implants and are among the most experienced providers in the area. Our diagnostic and evaluation capabilities are second to none, allowing us to advise you of all possible options. We can work with immediate-load implants if your bone and surrounding teeth can support them. You’ll have a temporary replacement tooth placed right away and avoid the healing time required for some implant procedures. In emergencies, especially those affecting a highly visible tooth in front, many patients appreciate this option. Also, because we’ve helped thousands of people with implants, you’ll have greater peace of mind when in our care.

We Have Emergency Dental Implant Services Nearby

In addition to immediate-placement dental implants, we offer oral surgery services to remove a tooth that cannot be saved. Our all-under-one-roof approach means we can provide complete dental, periodontal, and implant services nearby. Emergency dental implant services are provided at our holistic dentist office.Farber Center also is ahead of the curve with patient education and treatment methods. You can count on us to give you an overview of all options, and to be ready with state-of-the-art procedures. We’re prompt in delivering services and are aware of cosmetic considerations. All temporary and permanent tooth replacements (the crown portion of implants) are created to look and feel as close to natural teeth as possible. They’ll look so good that no one except you will know which one is an implant.

When a tooth loss and the need for replacement occur unexpectedly, and suddenly, it quickly can feel upsetting and overwhelming. Its why you’ll feel more comfortable in the care of a team of dedicated specialists. We used computer-guided technology to place implants and have a very high rate of success. If it is the first time you will be having an implant, we will thoroughly explain the process and how it works. For your comfort, we offer complete anesthesia services with a commitment to keeping you comfortable and safe. Our newer treatment methods and experience mean smoother procedures with less time in the chair — you’ll be back to life as soon as possible.

How are Immediate-Load Dental Implants Different?

Experience and research have shown that immediate-load dental implants that are useful in emergency procedures can be as effective as delayed-load implants. The difference lies in the waiting period for the permanent crown (replacement tooth) to be attached to the implant.Dental implants can restore your quality of life with replacement teeth The implants themselves take the place of the roots of natural teeth. They are titanium or ceramic screws that fuse to the underlying bone as they heal. In traditional procedures, the temporary crown is left in for some time while the healing completes. With immediate load implants, the permanent crown is attached earlier in the process and is in place while healing is achieved.

To have an immediate-load implant, patients generally need to have excellent underlying bone and other strong, healthy teeth next to the implant. In these cases, the existing teeth share the impact of chewing and allow the implant to heal successfully, even though it goes into immediate use. Success also relies on the skillful placement of the implant, supported by computer-guidance technology available at Farber Center.  Offering patients the advantages of implants with reduced waiting time to get to the final crown phase is a significant advancement. Most dental professionals agree that implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement.

For Urgent Dental Implants, We’re Here to Help

When you’re searching for emergency dental implants in Long Island, NY, always remember that we’re close by. For emergency dental services or regular check-ups, we can help. Our implant and periodontal services are second to none, and we can offer a convenient range of appointment times at either our Medford NY or Hauppauge NY locations. We are a holistic dentist devoted to maintaining your oral health as an essential part of whole-body health.

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