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Dental implant-supported dentures that are permanent provide an excellent tooth replacement solution for anyone who has lost an entire arch of upper or lower teeth. They are a significant advance over traditional dentures that can be removed and are held in place by adhesives. Long Island permanent dentures. Patients getting 1DaySmile full-arch dental implants at Farber Center in Long Island NY. The stable, firm bite provided by the underlying implants is a total game-changer in terms of a better quality of life. One of the more popular and effective implant-supported denture systems is known as All-on-4® and its one we offer at Farber Center in Medford or Hauppauge, NY. We’re one of Long Island’s leading providers of dental implants, periodontics, and holistic dentistry.

Together with nearly all dental professionals, we recommend implants as the best solution to replace missing teeth. In cases where complete upper or lower rows have been lost, a denture is an excellent solution when it is permanent and secured by implants. No matter how well a traditional removable denture is fitted and held in place by adhesives, it cannot provide the firm bite available with support from implants. The implants are screws of titanium or ceramic that are placed into the jawbone in a manner similar to the roots of natural teeth. As they heal and fuse to the bone, there is considerable strength and stability that develops over time.

Why are Implant-Supported Dentures Better?

The major benefit of implant-supported dentures is a secure fit and a firm bite — quite similar to natural teeth. But also crucially important is interaction with the jawbone. Dental implants as they heal go through a process known as osseointegration — which is a medical term to describe the way they integrate with the bone. All-on-4 dental implants are implant-supported dentures available in Suffolk County, Long Island NY.Although implants are made of titanium or ceramic material and therefore are artificial, they are accepted by the body.  It means the underlying jawbone which is vital to oral health and even facial appearance is preserved. When teeth are missing and the sockets left open, bone loss occurs which can change the look of your face and diminish your oral health.

Eating healthier is a topic that is on nearly everyone’s mind today, and many of the healthiest foods are firm and crunchy. It means you need a sufficient bite strength to eat many fruits, vegetables, and many other healthy whole foods. When your dentures are supported by dental implants and held in place permanently, you’re able to eat and enjoy all foods that people with natural teeth enjoy. Also, gone are any concerned or apprehension that you would have had if you were wearing removable traditional dentures. Everyone knows they can slip and move, not to mention the daily mess and inconvenience of trying to apply adhesive to hold them in place.

What Type of Denture is Right for You?

Before you make a decision, it’s always wise to ask about all of your options. At Farber Center, we pride ourselves on thorough patient information and will be pleased to discuss the advantage of every option. For many people, and based on many favorable experiences, we often recommend All-on-4® permanent dentures. They bring our patients many of the benefits of dental implants and allow us to replace a full arch of teeth in a day. All four implants are placed during one outpatient surgery at our office, and patients leave with a set of temporary teeth in place immediately. Nearly everyone who has All-on-4® is pleased and glad they decided it was right for them.

But whatever method you choose, it’s essential to strike a balance among aesthetics, function, and your practical needs. It’s also crucial to keep in mind bone preservation with implants for many reasons, not the least of which is helping to preserve a more youthful facial appearance. Your self-confidence and self-esteem also should factor in. For many people, having removable dentures is embarrassing and a source of anxiety with the possibility they could slip or fall out.  Whatever your thoughts, it’s a good idea to thoroughly discuss all of the options with a dental professional before deciding whether or not the permanence of implant-supported dentures is right for you.



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