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Do Your Teeth Look Too Long When You Smile?

Years ago, as people became older, they were said to look long in the tooth. It was because their teeth appeared longer when gums and supporting bone began to recede. For anyone noticing this condition today, there are simple treatments to correct it. For example, gum grafting is one of the many services performed by our holistic Long Island periodontists at Farber Center. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure to improve the appearance of long-in-the-tooth patients — it makes you appear younger.

Receding gums, often caused by periodontal disease, occur as the underlying bone begins to shrink, and the gum tissue follows. In dental terms, the process is known as gingival or gum recession. To help patients understand, we use the analogy of carpet lying on a floor.  If the floor caves in, the rug follows.  It is what happens when you have periodontal disease: You start to see more of the tooth because the bone resorbs and the gum tissue follows.

Soft Tissue Gum Grafts Restore Original Root Coverage

There are different types of gum grafts, and fortunately, today, with the advancement of science, we sometimes no longer need to use your tissue.  We can use donated tissue, and by using your blood growth factors, it can be an almost exact match of the tissue.  After treatment and healing, many people can barely tell where the graft is because it looks so natural — a perfect match with existing gum tissue.   

Treatment depends on each individual, but if its only a question of gum recession — showing a little more root — soft tissue gum grafts can be an ideal solution. Everyone who undergoes the procedure ends up with a more youthful smile. Your comfort during gum grafting or any other procedure is of paramount importance to us. We can offer anesthetics during treatment and always use the most up-to-date methods to minimize any discomfort.  

A Beautiful Smile Boosts Self Confidence  

Our periodontal gum surgery treatments are primarily designed to treat gum disease and save teeth, which is our mission at Farber Center in Hauppauge and Medford. Nassau County, NY, periodontist with gum grafting.But sometimes, as in the case of gum grafting, our procedures also make cosmetic improvements to help you have a beautiful, youthful smile. The care you give your teeth and gums at home by brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily is essential. When combined with periodic cleanings and check-ups, it’s the best way to maintain your oral health.

Healthy teeth and gums also preserve your bite strength and allow you to bite into all the crunchy food you enjoy. Many of the crunchiest foods are the fruits and vegetables each of us should eat more of in our daily diets. Keeping your gums healthy also contributes to better whole-body health. Your immune and circulatory systems are among those that benefit from good oral health and hygiene. If you’ve had periodontal treatment to resolve gum disease, consider gum grafting as the final step of the process — and one that will restore your youthful smile.

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