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Fighting Hunger and Oral Cancer Together

For our fourth annual Food Drive we partnered with Long Island Cares. Their motto: “together we can help fight hunger on Long Island.”

Long Island Cares

Long Island Cares dedicates itself to helping the Long Island community through its food bank and other services.

Those services include:

What Can You Do to Fight Hunger?

This holiday season, we encourage you to donate to our food drive to help our community fight hunger.

Fight Oral Cancer in the Process

Additionally, when you donate to our Food Drive at Farber Center, you receive half off our Velscope oral cancer screening.

For helping our community fight hunger, we want to help fight cancer in return. The VELscope detects oral cancer that the naked eye is unable to see.

The device emits a harmless, blue light that exposes abnormal tissue in the mouth. The VELscope detects abnormalities early. Early detection is key for oral cancer to be treated to save you life.


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