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If you have a dental emergency because you have broken a tooth in an accident or bitten into something too hard, we can help. Farber Center provides the best dental implants Long Island has to offer. We understand it is a traumatic experience to break or lose a tooth. Emergency dental implant clinic Long Island, NY.But if it happens to you, call or visit our Hauppauge or Medford NY dentist offices as soon as possible.  We will advise you of all options, including saving or repairing the tooth if possible. If not, an immediate dental implant may be the best option. Because we’re among Long Island’s best dental implant centers, our capabilities are extensive, and we can handle emergency cases.

We offer both titanium and ceramic dental implants and are among the most experienced providers in the area. Our diagnostic and evaluation capabilities are second to none, allowing us to advise you of all possible options. We can work with immediate-load implants if your bone and surrounding teeth can support them. You’ll have a temporary replacement tooth placed right away and avoid the healing time required for some implant procedures. In emergencies, especially those affecting a highly visible tooth in front, many patients appreciate this option. Also, because we’ve helped thousands of people with implants, you’ll have greater peace of mind when in our care.

We Have Emergency Dental Implant Services Nearby

In addition to immediate-placement dental implants, we offer oral surgery services to remove a tooth that cannot be saved. Our all-under-one-roof approach means we can provide complete dental, periodontal, and implant services nearby. Emergency dental implant services are provided at our holistic dentist office.Farber Center also is ahead of the curve with patient education and treatment methods. You can count on us to give you an overview of all options, and to be ready with state-of-the-art procedures. We’re prompt in delivering services and are aware of cosmetic considerations. All temporary and permanent tooth replacements (the crown portion of implants) are created to look and feel as close to natural teeth as possible. They’ll look so good that no one except you will know which one is an implant.

When a tooth loss and the need for replacement occur unexpectedly, and suddenly, it quickly can feel upsetting and overwhelming. Its why you’ll feel more comfortable in the care of a team of dedicated specialists. We used computer-guided technology to place implants and have a very high rate of success. If it is the first time you will be having an implant, we will thoroughly explain the process and how it works. For your comfort, we offer complete anesthesia services with a commitment to keeping you comfortable and safe. Our newer treatment methods and experience mean smoother procedures with less time in the chair — you’ll be back to life as soon as possible.

How are Immediate-Load Dental Implants Different?

Experience and research have shown that immediate-load dental implants that are useful in emergency procedures can be as effective as delayed-load implants. The difference lies in the waiting period for the permanent crown (replacement tooth) to be attached to the implant.Dental implants can restore your quality of life with replacement teeth The implants themselves take the place of the roots of natural teeth. They are titanium or ceramic screws that fuse to the underlying bone as they heal. In traditional procedures, the temporary crown is left in for some time while the healing completes. With immediate load implants, the permanent crown is attached earlier in the process and is in place while healing is achieved.

To have an immediate-load implant, patients generally need to have excellent underlying bone and other strong, healthy teeth next to the implant. In these cases, the existing teeth share the impact of chewing and allow the implant to heal successfully, even though it goes into immediate use. Success also relies on the skillful placement of the implant, supported by computer-guidance technology available at Farber Center.  Offering patients the advantages of implants with reduced waiting time to get to the final crown phase is a significant advancement. Most dental professionals agree that implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement.

For Urgent Dental Implants, We’re Here to Help

When you’re searching for emergency dental implants in Long Island, NY, always remember that we’re close by. For emergency dental services or regular check-ups, we can help. Our implant and periodontal services are second to none, and we can offer a convenient range of appointment times at either our Medford NY or Hauppauge NY locations. We are a holistic dentist devoted to maintaining your oral health as an essential part of whole-body health.

Turn a Gummy Smile into a Beautiful Smile

Having a beautiful smile is a significant contributor to self-confidence and self-esteem for most people. But what if you have beautiful teeth that are partially covered by excess gum tissue? If you do, it’s an easily treatable condition known as a gummy smile. Therefore, if the beauty of your smile is diminished in this way, schedule a consultation with the periodontists at Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants. We’ll give you a thorough exam and provide options to raise the smile line on your front teeth. In general, our holistic periodontal and dental implant practice is devoted to improving your oral health. But we also understand our patient’s desire for cosmetic procedures and always are pleased to help.

The good news is that excess gum tissue can be removed in minor periodontal surgery and does not negatively impact your teeth or gums. It’s purely an aesthetic consideration that varies by person. Compared to the opposite — receding gums — which harm teeth over time, it is a minor condition. Also, because gum surgery methods today have advanced considerably over past procedures, healing times and comfort are improved. If you have been reluctant to seek treatment because of anxiety over the procedure itself, we can give you pre-treatment counseling to put your mind at ease. Most people with gummy smiles have had them for many years and always wished they could be improved.

Treating Gummy Smile is a Request We Hear Often

“Patients come in to see us and they say, ‘Dr. Farber, my teeth are very small. Can you make them longer?’ The reason the teeth appear to be small is because the gum tissue itself is very long or the patient is showing too much gum tissue. The excess tissue can be removed in order to make the teeth look better or look the proper length,” said Dr. Alan Farber.

In both our Medford NY and Hauppauge NY dentist offices, we see patients for gummy smile exams and gum surgery to correct the condition. When the procedure is complete, it creates a proper smile line for the front teeth. When patients have their gummy smile transformed into a more natural smile, it is a wow moment. People have thanked us for boosting their self-confidence and satisfaction with their teeth and smiles. We’ve even received cards and letters of thanks and appreciation.

How Does Gum Surgery to Improve A Gummy Smile Work?

Gum surgery improves gummy smile.The process of removing excess tissue and correcting gummy smile is a minimally invasive gum surgery. It takes only a single visit for the procedure itself and one follow-up visit. Also, some patients elect to have more smile-improving treatments once their smile line is raised to a more attractive level. Often, they want to improve the look or color of their teeth using whitening or veneers that are provided by general dentists. However, improving the framework; in other words, the gum tissue around the teeth is the key.

“We have an analogy we use. If you were to hang a picture on the wall, it could be a great picture, but if you do not mount it properly and put the right frame around it, then it will not look nearly as beautiful. Creating the framework is shaping the gum tissue around the teeth, and it is one of the services we provide at Farber Center,” said Dr. Farber.

If you’re in Long Island, NY, we are a full-service periodontist and implant center for dental implants near me. We are known for advanced treatment methods, including less-invasive laser gum surgery and both titanium and ceramic dental implants. Our focus is on your oral health, but we follow a holistic approach, and everything we do benefits your whole-body health as well. Our mission is to save teeth and when it is not possible, to replace them with the best options possible. Among Long Island periodontists, our services are second to none, and our offices are convenient to most Suffolk and Nassau County locations.

If you would like to schedule an exam and consultation for gummy smile treatment, contact us today. We’re dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction and will discuss all options with you. We maintain extensive capabilities under one roof, and few can match us for periodontics and same-day dental implants.

Patient Education: Key to Improving Oral Health

At Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants, we’re dedicated to treating gum disease and saving teeth. As a result, our patient education goals are intended to help maintain and improve our patient’s oral health. The most crucial step for many people is visiting us for the first time.

Patient education at Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants.

When patients are under our care, we can help educate them about the need for treatment and the options available. Gum disease is generally a silent condition in its early stages when it is more easily treatable. Therefore, many people who need treatment may be unaware or feel they can put it off — which nearly always means more significant consequences in the long run.

Periodontal disease affects millions of adults, including many in Long Island. As holistic dentists and periodontists, we work hard to educate people about the whole-body health issues that connect to gum disease. We also want prospective patients to understand that recent advances, such as laser-assisted therapies have been game-changers. Discomfort and treatment times have been lessened significantly. At the same time, effectiveness and outcomes have been improved. Gum disease treatment today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. If you’ve heard stories from others, it’s likely things may have changed a lot since their experience.

We Motivate Our Patients to Improve Their Oral Health

So much is to be gained from having healthy teeth and gums. A beautiful smile is among the most potent self-confidence builders, and a firm bite means you can eat your favorite foods. Gum disease treatment at Farber Center.But it’s also essential to keep in mind the whole-body health connections. Past and current research has studied the links between the chronic low-grade infections of gum disease and other organs and systems of the body. These include the heart, immune system, and circulatory system, to name only a few. For people with diabetes, infected gums can aggravate other problems. Therefore, improving and maintain oral health has benefits that extend through the body.

For us, it’s important initially to make patients fully aware of any periodontal infections or disease. Merely having information is powerfully motivating for most people. It’s a fact that periodontal disease is a severe health condition that needs to be effectively treated and resolved. The good news is that for nearly everyone, we can address them in a way that will clear the infection and save their teeth. Because of recent advances, even people who previously were not candidates for some procedures can now have them. Also, newer techniques are often less invasive, which means shorter recovery times and less discomfort overall.

What Will My First Appointment with a Periodontist be Like?

A thorough periodontal exam and accurate diagnosis are the first steps toward treating gum disease. Therefore, on your initial appointment, your visit will be confined to the evaluation and discussion of treatment options unless there is an emergency. You will likely hear about more than one method, and because we offer advanced treatments at Farber Center, some will be newer and more comfortable options.Gum disease diagnosis and treatment for patient education. It’s important to note that different things are better for each patient — so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient and their situation are unique, and we go out of our way to suggest a treatment plan that will work best.

In the unfortunate case that periodontal disease is advanced and has severely affected the teeth and underlying bone, we may discuss tooth replacement options with you. In those cases, we can provide traditional (titanium) and ceramic dental implants, or more comprehensive methods such as All-on-4. If you need to replace an entire row of upper or lower teeth, All-on-4 offers a permanent denture solution with as few as four implants. It’s a great alternative to dentures and provides a beautiful smile, firm bite, and helps preserve the underlying jawbone.

No matter what is right for you and recommended as a periodontal treatment plan for you, we are always sensitive to patient comfort and peace of mind. We take the time to sit down and go over things very carefully in advance, giving you options, and discussing how we can keep you comfortable during procedures. Everyone on the Farber Center team is an experienced holistic dental professional with specialized training. Few Long Island periodontists can match our range of services and treatment options. It’s why our list of patents grows significantly at both our Hauppauge and Medford, NY dentist offices. We’re convenient to reach from most Suffolk and Nassau County locations and appointments are available at a wide range of times.

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Periodontal Disease: A Treatable Condition


Farber Center Can Treat and Resolve Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum disease is often silent, but it is progressive in many people and frequently leads to tooth loss. It also can harm whole-body health and has the potential to aggravate certain diseases such as diabetes. Early treatments were often considered uncomfortable, and many people put off seeing a periodontist.

The good news today is that recent advances have improved clinical methods. They are less invasive, and patients feel healing times are quicker, and discomfort has been minimized considerably. The introduction of dental lasers and new surgical techniques truly have revolutionized patient care. Also, success rates have improved, and cost-effectiveness is an added benefit of many more modern options.

 Gum Disease: The Early Warning Signs

    • Swollen, inflamed or tender gums as well as pain in the mouth
    • Receding gums, or gums separating from the teeth
    • Bleeding when you brush, floss, or eat certain foods
    • Sores in your mouth
    • Teeth that are loose
    • Pus present between your teeth and gums
    • Bad breath that won’t go away
    • Changes in your bite — the way your teeth fit together
    • Changes in the way dental appliances like partial dentures fit

What is Periodontal Disease?

The term periodontal means around the tooth. Periodontal disease is a common inflammatory condition. It affects the supporting and surrounding soft tissues of the tooth. There are different stages of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease requires treatment to protect your teeth.The first stage is known as gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums.  Bleeding often occurs at this stage. Bacteria in the form of plaque on the teeth cause gingivitis. When left untreated, it can spread below the gum line.

When the gums become irritated by the toxins contained in plaque, a chronic inflammatory response causes the body to break down and destroy its bone and soft tissue. There may be little or no symptoms as periodontal disease causes the teeth to separate from the infected gum tissue. Deepening pockets between the gums and teeth are generally indicative that soft tissue and bone is being destroyed.

Diagnosing and Treating Gum Disease

Periodontal disease for most patients is silent because, in the early and mid-stages, they do not feel it, nor do they see it.  Often, dental professionals compare gum disease to high blood pressure, because in both cases, people have the condition but are unaware of it. Periodontal exams catch gum disease early Among the many good reasons for regular dental cleanings and check-ups is to be screened for gum disease. Like nearly everything else, the earlier it is caught and treated, the better the outcomes. If you skip regular visits to your dentist, the disease often remains undetected until it progresses to a much more significant level. At Farber Center, we’re devoted to saving teeth, and treating gum disease in its early stages is especially important.

Treating gingivitis, early-stage gum disease is straightforward. The earlier we catch it, the higher the success rate can be. However, when the condition is left untreated, it often progresses and develops into full-blown periodontitis. At this stage, there is the added concern of bone loss around the teeth, which is much more significant. Dental laser therapies and the latest gum surgical methods can treat and reserve the condition, but they are more expensive, and in some cases, time-consuming. Patients who do well are the ones who follow through with treatment, return for regular professional visits, and practice consistently good oral hygiene at home.

It’s a Good Idea to Visit a Periodontist for a Thorough Exam

Family dentists and hygienists are on the lookout for gum disease and refer patients with symptoms to periodontists for further diagnosis and treatment.

Catch gum disease early for easier treatment

But it is also a sound decision to refer yourself to a periodontist for a check-up. You can do it the same way you visit a dermatologist for a skin condition or an ophthalmologist for an eye exam. Periodontal professionals have credentials beyond their dental training and are the ones best able to detect and treat any issues early. Especially if you have a history of gum disease or any of the early warning signs listed above, there is no harm — and potentially significant benefit — in making an appointment for an exam.

If it turns out you need periodontal treatment, you’ll be catching things earlier when they are less advanced. Also, Farber Center’s advanced treatment options are less invasive, quicker and cause less discomfort than earlier methods.  You’ll have several options to choose from and be in the care of a dedicated team with many years of experience and offering state-of-the-art methods. We welcome new patients and encourage people to come in for a periodontal evaluation.

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Oral Hygiene, Oral Health, Whole-Body Health


You may wonder how oral hygiene, oral health, and your overall health are connected? The short answer is they are related in many ways. From your heart and immune system to conditions like diabetes, the links can be significant. Research continues in many areas to establish even more precise connections. Oral hygiene is important to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.But enough is already known for medical and dental professionals everywhere to recommend close attention to oral hygiene and oral health. Holistic dentists like Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants place an especially strong emphasis on patient education about optimal oral hygiene practices.

Frequent check-ups at a dentist or periodontist are essential, as are routine professional cleanings. But your every day oral hygiene routine at home is of prime importance, along with reducing sugary foods in your diet. All dental professionals agree you need to brush thoroughly at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Not too long ago, a story turned up in the media questioning the value of flossing, and it received a swift and robust rebuttal from the dental community. Flossing is essential to clean in between your teeth and around your teeth and gums. You need to clean away plaque and trapped food particles that can’t always be reached with a toothbrush alone.

Oral Hygiene Helps Teeth, Gums, and All of Your Body

Healthy teeth and gums work together. If you have gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease) that is left untreated, your teeth will be affected. Long-term gum infection often results in tooth loss and deterioration of the underlying bone that supports teeth or dental implants. However, it doesn’t end there. Your mouth is connected to the rest of your body by the circulatory and immune systems, as well as the obvious connection to the digestive system. Healthy teeth and gums support your health overall.Therefore a low-grade bacterial infection in your mouth affects other parts of the body instantly.  Even your appearance can be on the line if teeth are lost and are not replaced with implants. Tooth sockets left empty after extraction can lead to a natural process known as bone resorption (bone loss) that can affect your facial appearance.

Maintaining good whole-body health also includes eating a nutritious and fiber-rich diet. It, of course, means having plenty of fruits and vegetables. Because they often are firm or crunchy, you need a strong bite to eat and enjoy them comfortably. Strong teeth and healthy gums are not only supported by eating a healthy diet, but also, in turn, allow you to eat and enjoy those foods. Beyond what you eat, brushing and flossing regularly can help to avoid bad breath, which also can increase your confidence when around people. Average lifespans for both women and men in the United States are increasing, and as people live longer, they need their teeth to last longer. Among the many reasons for practicing good oral hygiene, helping your teeth last a lifetime is one of the more important.

Poor Oral Hygiene Can Worsen or Help Cause Illness

One of the groups who benefit most from healthy teeth and gums are diabetics. Unfortunately, diabetes automatically puts you at a higher risk for gum disease. Therefore, regular check-ups at a periodontist and professional dental cleanings are even more necessary. Chronic gum disease (periodontitis) may make diabetes more difficult to control. Low-grade infections in the mouth may be among those causing insulin resistance, which disrupts blood sugar control. Gum disease is linked to other health problems.For patients with chronic gum disease, special periodontal cleanings that go below the gumline or periodontal pocket cleanings using dental lasers can be beneficial.

Bacterial oral inflammation (gingivitis) also may contribute to clogged arteries and blood clots. Some research studies indicate that bacteria in the mouth can cause mild inflammation throughout the body, including the arteries. Therefore, it may be a basis for an accumulation of plaque in the arteries, possibly laying a role in a heart attack or stroke. The more serious the oral infection, the higher the risk appears to be. Also, oral infections, gum disease, and tooth loss may contribute to plaque in the carotid artery. In one study, 46 percent of participants who’d lost up to nine teeth had carotid artery plaque; among those who’d lost ten or more teeth, 60 percent of them had such plaque.

To be healthy, keep your teeth and look great, oral hygiene is a serious matter. As children, nearly all of us grew up with reminders from our parents, teachers, and dentists about the need to brush and floss. Hopefully, by now, you follow an excellent oral hygiene routine. If you don’t and are already having tooth decay or gum disease, it’s never too late to start. Our Farber Center locations in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY, are among the most trusted holistic dentists Long Island has available. Out periodontal treatments and dental implant centers can help no matter what you need. We are dedicated to preserving or saving teeth — and when it is not possible, replacing them with the most effective and advanced dental implants in Long Island.

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Full-Arch Tooth Restoration with Implant Support


Implant-Supported Full-Arch Restoration

The best dental implants Long island has available include full-arch restoration and permanent dentures.If you’re about to lose all of your upper or lower teeth — or struggling with removable dentures — you owe it to yourself to find out more about newer methods of full-arch dental restoration. Implant-supported dentures and bridges look and function very similarly to natural teeth. They take advantage of the many benefits of implants with costs lower than you might expect. You’ll have a firm bite on par with real teeth and a beautiful smile. Our Farber Center locations in Hauppauge and Medford NY have helped thousands of patients in Long Island from Suffolk County (and Nassau County) overcome tooth loss. Implant-supported dentures stay in place permanently and contribute to better oral health overall.

You don’t need to think long to realize that physical and emotional well-being are each affected by teeth. More than a few healthy foods are crunchy and firm. If you’re avoiding them because of diseased teeth or loose dentures, your health suffers right away. On the emotional side of things, smiling is essential. If you’re reluctant to smile because you’re hiding bad teeth, your self-esteem is diminished. Also importantly, tooth loss and gum disease lead to bone loss in the jaw, which can affect your facial appearance and cause your looks to age. In short, there are many reasons to replace missing or severely decayed teeth, and modern treatments for full-arch restoration give you better options than ever before.

Full-Arch Restoration with Implants in One Visit

Thanks to advanced methods, you’ll leave the office with a beautiful set of temporary teeth on the same day your implants are placed. It makes replacing an arch of teeth more feasible if you are in a high-visibility role where appearing in public without teeth would be embarrassing.  Replace an arch of upper or lower teeth with All-on-4 implant supported dentures.After the implants complete the healing process in which they fuse to bone and provide a firm bite, a permanent arch will be placed. Also, if you need any remaining teeth extracted, they will be pulled on the same day as your implant surgery. It means fewer office visits and less time for your procedure overall — benefits patients appreciate.

Nearly all dental professionals agree implants are the preferred tooth-replacement method, but replacing an entire arch one-by-one would be time-consuming and expensive. It’s why implant-supported dentures and bridges make so much sense and have become popular quickly. For anyone who has struggled with loose-fitting traditional dentures that slip, having firm, permanent new teeth is a quality of life improvement. They’re also cared for in the same manner as natural teeth so that you can brush and floss the same way you always have.

What are You Looking for in New Teeth?

Most people answer that they are looking for a beautiful smile when they give their reasons for tooth replacement. There is no doubt appearance is of significant importance, especially to confidence and self-esteem. Full-arch restoration gives you a beautiful smile.But the professionals at Farber Center also like to remind patients about the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. A significant amount of research continues about likes between oral health and other major systems in the body, such as the immune and circulatory systems. Low-grade infections in the mouth have been shown to affect both, as well as your heart. Diabetes also is affected by oral health issues.

Eating well supports whole-body health, and many of the healthiest fresh foods are crunchy or firm. When you have replacement teeth with a bite strength that is 80- to 90-percent the same as natural teeth, you’ll eat all the foods you enjoy. A varied diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables is recommended for nearly everyone. Anyone who has worn traditional dentures that slip or have a weak bite understands the limits they cause. Having confidence in your ability to bit into a crunchy apple or enjoy corn-on-the-cob at a cookout gives you back your life again.

Why Choose Farber Center for Full-Arch Teeth Replacement?

When you’re undergoing a significant cost for a dental implant procedure, you want the best. Our facilities are state-of-the-art with computer-guided implant placement, anesthesia services, and the ability to fabricate implants on-site. Few Long Island dental implant centers can match our high-quality, patient-centered care. We are holistic dentists with a dual concern for your oral health and whole-body health. Everything we recommend and provide is intended to help you lead a healthier and more enjoyable life with a beautiful smile. Before any treatment, we’ll present your options and information so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

If you’re in the Medford NY or Hauppauge, NY and searching for dental implants near me, we’re ready to help. From full-arch restoration to individual dental implants and other solutions, we offer a complete range of services. Our reviews and ratings from patients are favorable, and we’re one of the leading dental implant centers serving people from both Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our offices are conveniently located, and we’re open to serve you at a wide range of hours to make appointments. If you’d like to find out more about a complete arch restoration, contact us today.

Farber Center is a dental implant center serving Long Island, NY.

Floss Daily to Maintain Your Oral Health

Dental flossing

Daily use of an interdental cleaner (floss) is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. When some questioned the value of flossing a couple of years ago, dental professionals and the U.S. Government quickly reaffirmed its importance. There are places between your teeth that toothbrushes cannot reach, and they need to be cleaned daily. Flossing helps to remove bacteria-laden plaque that can turn into tartar. When tartar builds up along your gumline, it can lead to periodontal disease

The staff at Farber Center are among dental and periodontal professionals who wholeheartedly recommend their patients floss daily — along with brushing at least twice a day. Together, these are the essential elements of dental hygiene that maintain your oral health and contribute significantly to better whole-body health. Among Long Island’s holistic dentists, Farber Center is a firm advocate of dental health education and advanced preventive care, including flossing.

Do I Really Need to Floss Every Day?

Floss and brush daily to care for your teeth and gumsThe answer is yes — and for many good reasons. Although twice-daily brushing is the essential activity, it can’t quite reach everywhere around your teeth and gums. That’s why floss, known formally as an interdental cleaner, is so crucial. You might feel a need to floss when a small bit of food s stuck between your teeth, but it’s what you can’t feel that is the most important reason. Brushing twice a day can only reach so far in your mouth. Accumulated plaque can contain as many as 500 types of bacteria, many of which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque between your teeth that is not removed can harden and turn into tartar (or calculus). Once plaque turns into tartar, only a dentist or hygienist can remove it.

Daily flossing keeps the spaces between your teeth cleaner and free from plaque. When done frequently and correctly, it also can help clean along the gum line, which is so important to your gums. Periodontal disease caused by plaque and tartar is mostly preventable with good oral hygiene and regular visits to a dentist for professional dental cleanings and check-ups. Over the long term, you’ll save hundreds and thousands in dental bills when your teeth are free from decay, and your gums stay healthy. Eating well and reducing sugary foods also helps, and when combined with excellent oral hygiene practices, your chances of avoiding tooth decay and periodontal disease increase exponentially.

If I’m Not Flossing Already, How Do I Begin?

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation® at Farber Center, Long Island, New York.When you first introduce flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine, it may cause mild discomfort. But it should ease within a week or two. If discomfort or bleeding continues, talk to your dentist because it may be a sign of gum disease. Also, maximize the value of your daily flossing routine by using an optimal technique. All of the Farber Center dental hygienists are pleased to give you tips, pointers, and information. They have patient education materials and can direct you to video demonstrations available from professional organizations such as the American Dental Association. Make sure you floss thoroughly and reach all areas. The more plaque and trapped food particles you remove each time, the more you are helping yourself in the long run.

By flossing and brushing your teeth regularly, as recommended, as well as having regular dental and periodontal check-ups, you are doing all you can to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Flossing takes very little time and effort and can quickly form part of your daily dental hygiene regimen. An extra couple of minutes a day will be well worth it when you don’t need to go through the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of fillings, dental implants, periodontal treatments, or tooth extractions.

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Dental Implant Strength: How Strong Are They?

Dental implant surgery by a team of holistic dentists.

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement in the opinion of nearly all dental professionals. The strong advocacy for implants compared to other methods is supported by years of research and real-life experience. Well-placed implants are hard to tell from real teeth; they promote healthy bone structure and restore a bite strength comparable to natural teeth. It’s why our Farber Center locations in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY, strive to be among the foremost providers of dental implants Long Island has available. We are holistic dentists, and above all are patient-centered in our practice. When you visit us for a consultation, we will provide thorough information about all of your options.

Even if you already have lost all of your teeth and wear dentures, we offer advanced systems like All-on-4® implant-supported dentures and bridges. They are cost-effective ways to enjoy the benefits of implants with less invasive and less costly treatment; and more importantly, can restore your smile in a day.  The point is always to give you great-looking replacement teeth that allow you to eat and enjoy all the foods you love. A beautiful smile is essential to your self-confidence and overall quality of life. If you’ve been living with dentures that slip and make you uneasy about biting into and chewing crunchy foods, Dr. Farber and our team can help. We are an all-under-one-roof practice, which means we fabricate everything onsite and have advanced capabilities such as computer-guided implant placement.

The Major Advantages of Dental Implants are Significant

Assuming a replacement is necessary because a natural tooth cannot be saved or repaired, a dental implant is the most natural-looking option. Because they virtually mimic the natural tooth that was lost, no one will be able to tell you have had a replacement. The implant screw takes the place of a tooth root and fuses to the jawbone as it heals. Dental implants provided by Farber Center on Long islandIt means you preserve the underlying bone that would be lost if the socket was left open, and enjoy a firm bite. Your facial structure also is preserved as the bone stays healthy and in its original size and shape. The tooth crown that sits on top of the implant is matched precisely to the original tooth and surrounding teeth. It becomes a permanent part of your smile and fits in naturally.

When using dental bridges or dental bonding, there is a danger of breaking down or damaging surrounding teeth. It occurs because of the force of biting and chewing that shifts to the nearby teeth. It doubles or triples the force they must support. A well-placed implant, on the other hand, absorbs biting and chewing impact in the same manner as the original tooth — meaning that it does not add stress to its neighbors. In the long-run, all of your teeth and bone are supported and preserved.  Because dental and periodontal issues often affect groups of teeth, keeping everything healthy and well-supported bodes well for your oral health overall.

A Firm Bite is Essential to Your Quality of Life

The bite strength of a dental implant is generally 80- to 90-percent the strength of a natural tooth. If you’ve lived with dentures, bridges, or weak/diseased teeth for any period, you understand the importance of a firm bite. The cliches about biting into apples and corn-on-the-cob do have meaning in everyday life. Implants allow you to bite into apples with confidenceIt’s embarrassing to decline these foods because you can’t eat them comfortably, not to mention the impact on your ability to eat a healthy diet. With an increasing emphasis on fresh and whole foods, vegetables, and grains that are firm and chewy is an expanding part of early everyone’s diet these days.

Implants will last much longer than any of the other dental restorative procedures. Bonding typically will last a year or two, and dentures often have a life expectancy of about five years. But implants are said to have a 98-percent initial success rate and a 95-percent success rate after ten years — for many people, they may last a lifetime. Home care is also more uncomplicated because you brush and floss around them in the same way you do for your natural teeth. They are permanent replacements that are healthy, great-looking options that nearly every patient considers a wise decision.

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Periodontal Disease (Periodontitis) & Diabetes

If you are a loyal reader of the Farber Center blog, then you’ve already read about how diabetes increases the risk of developing periodontitis (gum disease). Therefore, for people with diabetes, maintaining good oral health, including healthy teeth and gums, is even more essential. The best defense is consistent home care, including brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. Diabetics need to brush and floss routinely to help avoid gum disease.When good home care is combined with routine dental check-ups, any issues can be treated before they become significant problems. For those who already have been diagnosed with periodontitis (gum disease), deeper cleanings such as laser pocket disinfection can be essential.

In addition to being alert to possible gum disease, diabetics also can benefit from the better whole-body health holistically supported by healthy teeth and gums. When a person has periodontitis, there is a low-grade infection in the mouth that can affect the heart, circulatory system, and immune system. These are among the reasons both dental and periodontal organizations strongly advise patients to brush, floss, and have regular check-ups. If you have diabetes, all of these becomes even more essential for you and you take precautions to maintain good health.

What are Periodontitis and Diabetes and How Do They Connect?

Our bodies typically create energy by processing the foods we eat into glucose (sugar). The pancreas will then manufacture a hormone called insulin to spread the glucose to the cells within our bodies. A person with diabetes is unable to produce enough insulin, or the body does not use insulin properly. It causes sugar to pile up in excess within the body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that, as of 2015, 30.3 million Americans have diabetes. Diabetes and gum disease are linked.The CDC report states that 84.1 million Americans have prediabetes, a condition that leads to type 2 diabetes within five years.

Periodontitis, periodontal disease, or gum disease is a common infection damaging the soft tissue and bone supporting your teeth. The Journal of Dental Research released a study estimating that 47.2% of Americans (64.7 million adults) have some form of periodontitis.

The two become linked because an infection such as periodontitis may cause insulin resistance, which disrupts blood sugar control. The American Academy of Periodontology states that severe periodontal disease can increase blood sugar. The increased blood sugar, along with the development of insulin resistance, makes it clear that having both at once, is problematic.

Farber Center Treats Periodontal Disease for Diabetics and Everyone

Controlling periodontal disease, for the most part, requires the same steps whether or not you have diabetes. But if you have diabetes, making sure to follow all of the necessary steps is even more essential because of the broader effect on your health. Make sure to have bi-yearly check-ups with a periodontist, as well as proper treatment for any recurring issues. You may likely be a candidate for deeper laser cleanings which eradicate bacteria below the gum line using advanced treatment methods. Advanced dental cleanings help diabetics who have periodontal disease.Also, if you at some point require surgery, we offer news less invasive laser gum surgery methods that are more comfortable and effective.

If you would have gum disease leading to tooth loss, we offer a full range of replacement solutions. They include holistic dental implants made from a ceramic material known as zirconia. For patients who have lost many teeth, All-on-4 dental implants can replace an entire row with only four implants.  For people with diabetes who have had gum disease and tooth loss, treating and controlling oral infections and replacing teeth with dental implants can be essential steps to maintaining overall health. Eating well depends on being able to bite and chew healthy fruits and vegetables, and a well functioning set of new teeth can make it all possible.

If you’ve had tooth loss or gun problems, Dr. Farber and everyone at our Medford and Hauppauge dentist offices wants you to know that with the help of Farber Center,  your future will be better. Recent advances in treatments and methods have made nearly everything more comfortable and effective. Because we strive to be among the best Long island Periodontists, we have the latest equipment on-site and provide a thorough level of care that is unmatched by others in the area. Our patient-centered approach is all about you and your needs, meaning that when you visit us, you’ll receive outstanding care every time.

Farber Center is Long Island's leading periodontist with groundbreaking work with patients who have diabetes.

Chipped Teeth: More Than Just a Cosmetic Problem

Do you have chipped teeth? Although our teeth are naturally strong, specific stresses can cause chips, cracks, and breaks. While this may appear to be merely a cosmetic issue, a chipped tooth can indicate oral health issues. As part of its commitment to provide helpful information to its patients and the public at large, Farber Center reminds you to visit a dental care provider for routine check-ups and cleanings. During your check-ups, dentists, and hygienists will give you a thorough oral exam and discuss with you areas of concern such as chipped teeth — and what can be done to treat them. Chipped and cracked teeth are treated at Farber Center.If you live on Long Island and don’t currently have a dentist, or it’s been a long time since you’ve had a check-up, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

When it comes to chipped teeth or any other holistic dental or periodontal concern, it’s essential to keep in mind the connection between oral and whole-body health. Many studies continue to explore links between healthy teeth and gums and other critical organs in the body. These include your heart, circulatory, and immune systems. Low-grade infections in the mouth can affect these vital systems, and if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, it also can be affected. Also, for nearly all of us, a beautiful smile is essential to self-esteem and self-confidence. A chipped tooth or teeth diminishes your smile and when resolved, will make you feel better about yourself.

Holistic dentists at Farber Center treat chipped teeth.

What Causes Chipped Teeth in Most Cases?

Common causes of chipped or cracked teeth include:

  • Biting or chewing hard candies, ice cubes, or a meat bone
  • Trauma to the face such as a punch or accidentally being hit playing sports
  • Cavities and decay that weaken the teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene, which can leave you vulnerable due to thinning tooth enamel and other issues
  • Bruxism or excessive teeth grinding

How Do Dentists Treat and Repair Chipped Teeth?

Treatment of chipped teeth depends on the size and location of the chip, and the condition of the tooth in general. Even if your chip is tiny and painless, you should visit a dental professional for an exam and treatment. Dental implants are great replacements for chipped or cracked teeth.Catching and addressing chips and cracks early on is essential to preventing further damage. If left untreated, some may worsen over time. In more severe cases, an untreated chip might increase in size, resulting in exposed nerves. When nerves are near the surface, you’ll experience tooth sensitivity and feel pain.

In the case of a larger chip or crack, treatment might include a crown or even complete replacement of the tooth with a dental implant. Much again depends on the condition of the tooth before it was damaged. If you’ve been ignoring a cracked or chipped tooth for some time and the situation has become worse, it’s more likely you’ll need more extensive treatment. Farber Center is devoted to saving teeth and can offer you a complete range of treatment options. One of the most important reasons to keep or replace a tooth with an implant is to preserve the nearby teeth and underlying jaw bone.

A Few Simple Steps Can Help You Avoid Chipped Teeth

  • Watch What You’re Eating: Biting into hard candy such as a lollipop and sucking candies are a sure way to chip a tooth. Additionally, the sugar in candy can cause tooth decay.
  • Invest in a Dental Night-Guard: If you tend to grind your teeth, you may be doing it in your sleep as well. Buying in a dental night-guard can prevent damage from unconscious grinding.
  • Maintain a Consistent and Effective Oral Health Care Regimen: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily for the best results.

Farber Center Can Help with Chipped Teeth and Any Dental Need

Chipped teeth may be a sign of oral health issues.Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants is a one-of-a-kind holistic dental practice serving Long Island. Our dentist offices in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY, are convenient to many locations in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We’re a broad-ranging team of professionals with the latest treatment programs for any tooth or gum issue. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, make an appointment to visit us as soon as possible. We’ll give you a thorough oral exam and present a range of options to repair the chip or crack — or replace the entire tooth if it is weak or decayed. Our capabilities are extensive, and with us, you’ll find everything under one roof. We’re patient-centered in our approach, and if you’re apprehensive about dental exams, we’ll be gentle and put your mind at ease.

Farber Center is a periodontist and dental implant practice convenient to Nassau County, NY.